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Pendulum Board

Pendulum Board

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A beautifully handmade wooden pendulum board.

Use this board alongside your pendulum to help answer questions.

Hold you pendulum just above the center letting it move in a circular motion.

Ask questions where the answer would be on the board, the pendulum will move back and forth over the answer that you need to know.
Work with your pendulum everyday to strengthen your relationship with it.

Pendulum Board size 270mm

Tip: We find acrylic paints work really well. To glue to another surface any wood glue and even PVA works well as they are very light weight.

If our products are being used in an area where there might be a case of damp we use a waterproof sealer to help protect it.

Striving to be as eco-friendly as possible all of our packing is either recyclable or we have recycled it from another company.
Hand made on the Devon and Cornwall border in the beautiful country side.

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